The next time you’re heading through TSA at LAX, you may notice TVs with an “Estimated Wait Time”. Optimus Computing worked with the Los Angeles World Airports technology team to upgrade their systems that provide the public with information about how long they should expect to wait in queue.

The TSA Display Upgrade for LAX Airport had to follow strict parameters so that the information displayed is easily digested by the 75 million passengers that visit the airport annually. We had to develop the system to be friendly for the visually impaired, using high contrast colors for the colorblind, large text for those that are nearsighted, etc. Additionally, it needed easily digestible at-a-glance information and a universal clock design without numbers or roman numerals for foreign passengers that may not be familiar with our latin system.

These displays connect to a proprietary backend system that accurately calculates and averages the estimated wait time in realtime. This allows passengers to accurately gauge how long it will take them to get through security and onto their flights.

We’re excited to have been chosen for this project and the benefit it has to millions of passengers that travel through LAX annually. Working with the Los Angeles World Airports technology team was effortless and they provided all of the necessary technical information quickly.

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