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You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for a compelling narrative about our company’s history, mission, core values, and team. The adventure awaits!

2014 | Founding 

The founding of Optimus Computing, LLC is a tale of resilience and opportunity, initiated by Gabor, Kyle, and Thomas — three IT professionals and tech enthusiasts with a shared history in tech problem-solving.

While Thomas honed his skills in Europe within a reputable software firm, an unexpected closure left him and Gabor, a fellow Software Developer at the firm, contemplating their next steps. The pivotal moment came when Thomas reached out to Kyle, proposing a venture into their own software development company. Despite Kyle’s initial hesitation, the offer to name the company swayed him (what a simple man), marking the beginning of Optimus Computing’s journey.

2016 – 2018 | Turning Point

Optimus experienced exciting opportunities, notably securing LAX International Airport as a client and enhancing safety systems, including a crucial upgrade of the LAX Visual Messaging System during the 2016 Note 7 crisis. They later innovated TSA Wait Time Displays, focusing on upgrading the visual interface for accessibility and clear communication for diverse passengers.

This marked the beginning of several exciting projects and their continued growth in the software space.

2020 – 2022 | Global Crisis

During a particularly challenging period, Optimus faced significant changes, including drastic downsizing and moving to a fully remote operation as they relinquished their office space (we really loved that office, too!). This transition marked a new era for the company, as remote work became the norm.

The honest truth is this; Optimus almost didn’t emerge. Even to this day, we’re still re-building. However, there is pride in knowing we’re resilient and adaptable in this transformed business landscape.

2024 | Future Outlook

The global crisis underscored the ever-changing nature of technology, with Artificial Intelligence emerging as a pivotal innovation. Optimus is embracing this shift by investigating ways to integrate powerful AI into their client’s bespoke software solutions, marking an exhilarating chapter in their over decade-long journey.

They invite you to be part of this exciting evolution.

(Also, Elon… call us? We would love to build apps for your cars.)

CEO | Co-Founder

Kyle Duffy

What do you get when you mash together a former IT computer nerd, armchair scientist, failed engineer, and a business degree? Me! Before I continue, marketing said I HAVE to say this, so here it goes. Ah-hem…

“As CEO and Co-Founder, I’m proud to lead a team that’s passionate about solving complex challenges through custom software. Our journey began with a shared vision to innovate and has grown into a mission to empower businesses with tailored solutions. We’re dedicated to excellence, innovation, and forming genuine partnerships with our clients. Join us in crafting the future of technology.”

Now that we have that out of the way, it’s nice to meet you.


It’s difficult to imagine doing anything else. How cool is it to play a part in building new and innovative things? Without your dedication to the pursuit of a better tomorrow, we wouldn’t be here. So for that, I want to thank you. I’m looking forward to our next great adventure!

Mission Statement: At the heart of our software is a spirit of fun and innovation. We’re here to crack the code on your toughest challenges, turning them into opportunities for growth while enjoying the journey.

Core Values:

  1. Joy in Creation: We believe that software development is a playground, not just a battleground.
  2. Collaboration with a Smile: Our teamwork is powered by high-fives, not just handshakes.
  3. Relaxed Rigor: We’re serious about solutions, but we believe in the power of a relaxed approach and a good laugh.
  4. Adaptive Innovation: Like the best comedians, we adapt our act to meet our audience’s needs, ensuring our solutions are always relevant and engaging.

Kyle loves photography, motorcycle riding, all things science (especially robotics, aerospace, astronomy, nutrition & health), squishy dogs, and public speaking / voice acting.

Our Leads

Thoms B.

Lead Project Manager

Gabor V.

Lead Software Engineer

Agnes A.

Lead UI/UX Specialist

Csaba S.

Lead Front-End Developer

A Few of Our Clients

We wouldn’t be who we are today without them.

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