We were born to revolutionize business. Whether it’s software development, process automation, or app modernization, we’re here for you.

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We Revolutionize Business

When you’ve seen a waste management company save millions of dollars a year, a textbook company revolutionize education, and an international airport improve the safety of 60 million passengers annually, there is no greater sense of accomplishment.


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We firmly believe in the win-win scenario. If we can help your business grow, we will grow along with you. That’s why we build every system to be a game-changing one.



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We pride ourselves in having long-term relationships with our clients. Technology is constantly evolving and we grow with our clients to maintain their systems.

DOMESTIC Availability

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You won’t be talking to someone overseas. We’re located in Los Angeles so we’re here during your hours of operation to answer your questions and fix your problems.

technology is our passion

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Optimus Computing was started by two technology professionals who had both developed a passion for technology at a young age. While they now have a team, that same passion is in everyone that works at Optimus. We’ve seen countless times how powerful technology can be and we want to share that with your business.

Why Our Software Development?

We create our software applications the right way. After an in-depth discovery phase, we know exactly what needs to be built. All of our applications follow the same principles of technology, scalability, and security.

Fast and Global

We build all of our software on the most trusted cloud hosting provider for the best speeds and most reliable uptime. Access your application anywhere you have internet and feel the freedom of cloud computing. Work anywhere.


The right technology can equal explosive business growth. We build all of our software with the ability to handle rapid changes in your business. Never worry about rapid expansion or contraction, only pay for the resources you use.


After we secure your application, we bring in a third party to verify our security measures and provide input for best practices. They provide us with a report and we continue to fortify your application from there.

targeted business goals

Off the shelf software can be bloated, overly complicated, and slow. We build each system with only what you need so you never have to worry about over-complicated processes and frustrated employees.


People now work in a mobile environment. One minute we’re at a computer and the next we’re on our phone. We build software to work on all devices so you can be productive at the office, at home, or on the go.

Business Growth & Process Automation

The modern day business depends on technology to cut costs and improve outcomes. We help facilitate growth by studying the internal and external processes in your business and look for weak points. Once we have a clear picture, we can create the right technology solution to speed up the process, cut costs, reduce touch-points and errors, and more. Listed below are a few benefits of process automation:
  • Long-term ROI
  • Fewer human resources
  • Increase in production volume
  • Industry competitive advantage
  • Increased customer retention rates

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