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Working closely with your business to solve problems, drive revenue, and cut costs.
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We build software with the sole objective of improving process efficiency. With each process connected together in a web feeding off the same data, efficiency skyrockets and costs plummet.


Web & mobile applications bring compatibility, usability, and scalability to your business. With everything online, your business no longer depends on physical office space or computers.


Does your old software program break with each update and lack modern features? We can re-create it using modern coding technology and advanced features before it decides to kick the bucket. 

What Our Clients are Saying

On behalf of Los Angeles World Airports I would like to thank Optimus Computing for the remarkable job that they did improving the safety of millions of our passengers every day and in a timely fashion. Josef G.

Information Systems Director, Los Angeles World Airports

They were able to work with me and my client to help them on a problem project. They made suggestions on best practices, provided several options, and delivered under a very tight timeframe. They were easy to work with. I felt listened to. The company was in constant communication and we never had to guess where we were in the project. I highly recommend them to anyone. Gretchen H.

Director of Public Relations, MedSys Group.

They are at the forefront of web development with their advanced ideas that bring us features and services most other websites do not offer. When you choose Optimus, you are choosing a company who is genuinely interested in your success overall and not just the success of your project. We feel like we are working with the web now — not against it. Thank you Optimus Computing! Natalie S.

Branding Manager, Wilcox Sound and Communications

Who Do We Help?

We build custom cloud based software for businesses with all shapes and sizes of needs. A business should consider custom software when they need to automate their unique processes, rapidly adapt to market forces, want to innovate in their industry, increase business valuation, and more.

Solving problems, driving revenue, cutting costs, and fighting growing pains are icing on the cake. Book a free consultation to see if custom software is right for your business.

A Second Opinion is Important

When your health is at risk you get a second opinion. Software projects are no different. We can audit your current software project to make sure your investment is well spent. Get peace of mind knowing you aren’t using obsolete technology.


Is your technology not doing enough?

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