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Transforming Ideas into Reality: Our Core Services


Transform your unique business ideas into reality with our custom software development services, tailored precisely to meet your specific requirements and objectives. The sky isn’t actually the limit.


Leverage the power of AI, Machine Learning, and Computer Vision to unlock innovative solutions, enhance decision-making, and automate processes, propelling your business into the future.


Elevate your business’s mobile presence with our cutting-edge mobile app development services, creating seamless and engaging experiences for iOS and Android users alike.


Streamline your operations and enhance efficiency with our software integration services, ensuring your business systems and applications work together harmoniously.


Ensure your software systems are efficient, secure, and fully compliant with our comprehensive software auditing services, identifying opportunities for optimization and risk mitigation.


Revitalize your legacy systems with our software modernization services, upgrading your technology to improve performance, security, and scalability to match todays best applications.

What Our Clients are Saying

“On behalf of Los Angeles World Airports I would like to thank Optimus Computing for the remarkable job that they did improving the safety of millions of our passengers every day and in a timely fashion.”

Josef G.

Information Systems Director, Los Angeles World Airports

“Our RPA system was put in place to save us money but it was costing us in the long run. Our new system is more reliable, significantly more secure, and we can keep adding to it as our business needs change.”

Hans J.

Senior Systems Consultant, Insr Insurance Group (ASA)

“Optimus was able to work with me and my client to help them on a problem project. They made suggestions on best practices, provided several options, and delivered under a tight timeframe. They were easy to work with. I felt listened to. The company was in constant communication and we never had to guess where we were in the project. As a result, we hired them ourselves. I highly recommend them to anyone.”

Gretchen H.

Director of Public Relations, MedSys Group.

“They are at the forefront of software development with their advanced ideas that bring us features and services most other software systems do not offer. When you choose Optimus, you are choosing a company that is genuinely interested in your success overall and not just the success of your project. We feel like we are working with technology now — not against it. Thank you Optimus Computing!”

Natalie S.

Branding Manager, Wilcox Sound and Communications

Partnering Across Scales: From Ambitious SMEs to Leading Enterprises

We specialize in developing bespoke cloud-based software solutions that cater to the nuanced needs of businesses across the small to mid-market spectrum, with our expertise extending to serve select enterprise clients. Each solution we deliver is meticulously crafted to be as unique as your business.

Industries We’ve Empowered:

  • Agriculture & AgriTech
  • Aviation & Aerospace
  • Construction & Real Estate Development
  • Culinary & Hospitality
  • Education & Learning Technologies
  • Entertainment & Media
  • Finance & Insurance
  • Manufacturing & Industrial

R&D Tax Benefits to Innovate

At the core of our projects is a shared passion for innovation. We’re looking to work with pioneers in hardware, wearable tech, medical devices, and the sports and nutrition sectors. If you’re seeking a partner to bring your visionary ideas to life and potentially benefit from Research & Development tax benefits, let’s connect and make an impact together.


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