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Wilcox Sound and Communications has been around for over 50 years, providing audio and video professionals in Los Angeles with exceptional products and services. With thousands of products and dozens of vendors they’re one of the leading resellers on the market. Wilcox Sound was a company doing things the old fashioned way and didn’t have an online or digital presence. That all changed when they partnered with Optimus Computing.

Optimus Computing provided them the knowledge and expertise they needed to make an impactful online presence a reality. Now, the Wilcox Sound Team uses their powerful eCommerce site as an integral part of their business. We are constantly supporting them by adding new features to the site, hosting and maintaining their site, and providing them with invaluable online business advice. We couldn’t be happier working with Wilcox Sound.

Optimus Computing came in and saved the day!

We chose Optimus Computing after time and time again of being fed empty promises from “web designers” of a professional website and being left with uncompleted, non-functional work and a radio silent designer. We needed someone who could interpret our ideas and bring them to life, and I found that in Optimus. 

They took our below average website and transformed it into a professional platform where customers can interact with, learn about, search for, and purchase our products. They removed the stress that comes with a big project like this by being attentive and keeping communication wide open. They are at the forefront of web development with their advanced ideas that bring us feature and services most other websites do not offer. When you choose Optimus, you are choosing a company who is genuinely interested in your success overall and not just the success of your project. We feel like we are working with the web now — not against it. Thank you Optimus Computing!

Natalie Saldana

Branding Manager, Wilcox Sound and Communications

"We feel like we are working with the web now — not against it."

Natalie Saldana | Branding Manager
Wilcox Sound and Communcations