Treat and Repeat

Project Highlight

Project Overview

Treat & Repeat was created out of a need for change! Primarily, a change to the way we treat our dogs. Their philosophy is that dog treats should be simple, nutrient-packed, and most importantly delicious! When they created this company they set out to put an end unnecessary processing as well as the term “added”.

Treat and Repeat came to Optimus Computing to develop the most integral parts of their business. Treat and Repeat utilized the full service practice that we’re famous for; taking care of not only their webstore and the design and development of it, but also with branding in the form of logo creation, photography, and providing valuable marketing and business insights to help them get started. We’re currently supporting Treat and Repeat through site maintenance and search engine optimization. 


When designing the site our team worked very closely with Treat and Repeat to get them the right image for their brand. We happily went through dozens of designs and concepts until Treat and Repeat was completely satisfied with the result.  


Treat and Repeat is built on the popular Shopify platform. An immense amount of development hours went into the customization of the purchase process. Because the product is a subscription based, customers must sign up and create a Pawfile (Profile) before completing checkout. Inherently this is not officially supported by Shopify but our team was able to pull together and create a simple purchasing experience for Treat and Repeat’s customers that walks them through it one step at a time.