LAX Airport PSA Displays

Project Highlight

Project Overview

LAWA (Los Angeles World Airports) contacted Optimus Computing about upgrading their public security notification system to improve the experience of passengers traveling through Los Angeles International Airport . The airport was in need of a system that was flexible enough to display messages from a central command center that would automatically accommodate the length of the message. 

The project was on a strict deadline due to the upcoming holiday season starting in less than a week. Delivery of the system needed to be within a week of placing the order. Optimus was able to deliver the project ahead of schedule and the application was deployed after just one day of on-site testing. Optimus Computing in turn has become a preferred vendor of Los Angeles World Airports. A feat we don’t take lightly. 


The application runs in a chromium based browser on an undisclosed proprietary system. One of the system’s features is to overlay the browser on a looped video creating the background for the public security display. This needed to be taken into consideration when developing the application.

"On behalf of Los Angeles World Airports I would like to thank Optimus Computing for the remarkable job that they did improving the safety of millions of our passengers every day and in a timely fashion. "


Josef G.
Information Systems Director, Los Angeles World Airports