Experience Autism®

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Project Overview

Experience Autism® is an engaging, hands-on training that helps law enforcement professionals and other first responders recognize the signs of autism and respond to the needs of this population. Experience Autism® is the foundation of Mission Possible, created by autism specialist Emily Iland, M.A.

In order to represent the Experience Autism® brand correctly, we attended one of their officer training events and photographed them in action. From there, we took the photos and incorporated them in the design of the website, such as replacing icons with photos when possible. This created a more engaging experience for users as they browsed the site. Social share icons follow the users as they browse pages giving them the option to share their wonderful content.


Experience Autism® was custom designed using the WordPress platform.

Site Link: experienceautism.com

"Having Optimus Computing by my side was incredible. They handled everything from start to finish and were incredibly responsive. They took care of my site design, content, photography, SEO, and more."

Emily Iland, M.A.
Award-winning author, advocate, film-maker, researcher and leader in the autism field.